If I could make my Christmas wish list in the middle of the year, I would be sure to include an icee slurpee machine in there. For some reason, it’s not something that comes to mind when holiday shopping comes in, but at any other time of the year, I find myself wishing I had one of those icee machines.


Icee Slurpee: The Coldest Drink In Town

There is not a single day in the summer that I do not think of going to a 7-Eleven outlet so that I can buy myself a slurpee drink. In fact, there is hardly a time when I go into a 7-Eleven convenience store that I do not avail of their slurpee products. The term slurpee has become almost synonymous with 7-Eleven, also with ‘brain freeze’, and ‘the coldest drink in town’. It was first experienced by the world in the late 1950’s when Mr. Knedlik, an owner of a Dairy Queen store inKansasput bottles of coke in his freezer and would then serve it to customers as a semi-frozen drink. The people loved it and soon, icee machines could be seen in many fast-food chains all over the nation. The license was then bought by 7-Eleven, on the grounds that they would rename the product and thus the slurpee was born.


Icee Slurpee Machine: A Slurpee In Every Home

Despite the success of the 7-Eleven chain of convenience stores, people just can’t seem to get enough of this all-time favorite drink. Considering that 7-Eleven is present in almost every block and that the stores are open 24-hours, it is quite a wonder and a marvel that people still ended up inventing the slurpee machine. This machine aims to make any person capable of making their own slurpees at the comfort of their own homes. What’s more, you don’t even need to be certified or trained to do so because the steps are so easy.


My Type Of Slurpee

I am a self-confessed fan of the slurpee product. There is nothing better than to feel that refreshing coolness run along your mouth and your throat on a hot summer’s day. I love how I sometimes still get bits of ice as I sip through my slurpee, and there has been more than a single moment when I tried to drink up as much as I can in the shortest period of time available. My only concern however, is the fact that I am a very loyal fan of the original coke flavored slurpee. Nowadays, there are so many colors and flavors swirling around in those slurpee machines that I can hardly remember which ones I like. This is one of the reasons why I want my own slurpee machine: to make my type of slurpee any time I want.


Icee Slurpee Machine: Gift Idea

Icee MachineIf you are having problems thinking of that special gift that would be truly memorable, think no more and just look for icee machines. Whether you search the malls or surf through the net for buying options, you will find that a slurpee machine is quite easy to acquire. I know I would love to receive my very own icee slurpee machine for a gift, and I’m sure countless others will feel the same way.