I’ve always dreamed of having my own ICEE Machine for home use. Imagine having a cupful of that glorious man-made piece of heaven anytime of the day. Imagine that soft, freezing goodness going down your throat while sitting comfortably on your couch and enjoying a game or a movie. Then imagine not needing to go out to the nearest store to buy that slushy wonder and not getting back to your couch with the melted remains of your ICEE.


An ICEE Machine For Home

It was a man who goes by the name Omar Knedlik who came up with the brilliant idea of making the ICEE Machine. Thanks to him, I am enjoying this cold, refreshing, and definitely mind-numbing drink known as the slushy. And thanks to the internet, I can now buy my own slushy-making machine.


How The ICEE Machine Came To Be

Icee MachineSometime in the 1950s, Knedlik had the misfortune of having his soda fountain in his Dairy Queen outlet break down. Little did he know then that this unfortunate event would one day bring him fame and fortune. You see, Mr. Knedlik had no other recourse but to store his sodas inside a freezer to keep them cold. And when customers would buy a soda, they would be served with drinks that are part soda and part ice. These semi-frozen delights garnered praises from everyone who got to taste them. Knedlik took advantage of its increasing popularity and advertised his sodas as “The Coldest Drink in Town”.

Because of that, Knedlik went out of his way to create a machine that will dispense a drink with the same texture and consistency as a semi-frozen Coke or Mountain Dew. After a little over five years and after experimenting with anything from an old ice cream machine to an air-conditioning unit, the ICEE Machine was born.


Advantages Of An ICEE Machine For Home

Aside from having a slushy any time you want without having to go out and buy one, there are other benefits from having your own machine. For one thing, you’ll be an instant hit with friends and relatives coming in for a visit. I’d surely be ecstatic having slushies served during one of my parties at home.


How Can I Have My Own ICEE Machine For Home

Icee MachineA number of on-line sellers are offering slush machines at very affordable prices. The ICEE Company itself has introduced its own portable slushy maker for use at home or anywhere we might want. The ICEE Maker is a rather complicated machine that has been simplified for us to easily operate it manually. In other words, you need to do a little twisting and turning before you come up with your own icy snack. A little muscle action is all worth the trouble once you get to sip your own creation. Just make sure to follow the instructions, especially the one that says cold and sweet drinks “create(s) better end results”. With that, I’d definitely get an ICEE Machine for home if I were you.